Hearing Audio Alerts on Other Side of the House: Please Help Me Sleep!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TriPack, May 7, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for some type of hardware that will allow me to hear audio alerts while I am sleeping so that I can wake up and check on my positions to make sure my ATS is doing the right thing. I have tried telephones in conference mode, with the speakerphone on. This solution hasn't worked very well because there is an intermittant loud echo or popping that occurs just often enough to keep me from getting any sleep! This noise is presumably either from the speakerphone sensitivity being too high, the radio signals having interference or the creaking of the house at night.

    I need something that will transmit the sound from my trading room into my bedroom. It needs to filter out normal house noises like fans, air conditioner, and house creaking and just transmit my (loud) audio alerts. The audio alerts come from more than one computer so directly hooking into the computer speaker port won't be the best solution for me - that and I don't want to have to manually plug in my speakers every day. I've not used a baby monitor as I don't think the background noise filtering will be any better than what I've had with my telephone solution (but maybe I'm wrong).

    I've been sleeping on the couch in the trading room but there has got to be a solution so I can finally get some sleep! Please help!
  2. Put another computer in your bedroom and network all the computers together. Shouldnt be that hard to have your trading computers signal your bedroom computer. It could be a very cheap used computer since all you need is the audio and a lan connection.
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    why not create alerts to be sent to your mobile?

    else should be able to connect in parallell the output from the different computers in to an amp or a wireless transmitter.
    no need to unplug your speakers , connect it in parallell.
    just need to get the right cables.( y cables , splitters)

    using a solution with mic in the office is bad considering all the options, and the effort you put in the rest of the system.

    some ideas:


    cable example:

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    I had (for its real purpose) and I didn't hear any background noise, sometime I had to test to make sure it still on.
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    another idea that popped up.

    get a laptop or a pda with wireless that works in your bedroom.
    create email alerts sent to an address only used for the alerts.
    set the pc/pda up with audio alerts when a new mail arrives.
  6. wireless PC speakers

    take one to bed with you
  7. Why sleep when you can trade?
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    Real traders sleep on a couch at the colocation facility. :D

  9. Why trade when you can sleep? :confused: :D
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    I send my alerts as text messages/e mail alerts to my cell phone when I take a walk.
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