Hearing a lot of people against this 'tax' on bonus thing

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  1. I don't get it.

    They finally try and do something sane, and everbody is shitting a brick, afraid they will be next.

    How are you going to punish wrong behavior and not break a few eggs.

    I'm telling you, the retention bonus should be NOT going to prison for 20 years for f#$%king up the co.

  2. Mr. Rangel, a Democrat from New York, objected to one of the most popular ideas being floated -- a confiscatory income tax on the recipients. The tax code is not "a political weapon,"
  3. ?? you sure, I thought he was for it
  4. He seems to have his own little tax mess happening so we can be sure his stance on this was purely for personal survival.
  5. You cannot tax a specific group of people after the fact.. It's unconstitutional.

    See: Article I, Section 9, and Section 10.

    An "ex post facto" law retroactively criminalizes an activity that was legal at the time the activity occurred. The payment of the AIG bonuses certainly was legal, seeing that the payments were specifically authorized by those now pretending to be in a lather over them.

    My guess is that Pelosi just got half the House Republicans to fall into the "trap" of authorizing a tax increase ( from 35% to 90% ) knowing full well that it won't even get to a vote in the Senate.

    Too funny.
  6. Yeah, ok I get it.

    So if the US Gubment doesn't step in and bail out these incompetents, not only do they not get this bonus but they lose their job altogether.

    But since WE the PEEPHOLE stepped in, they get to cash, even though they are , as previously noted, incompetent morons.

    So you don't like a tax, how about a plain old confiscation from their cold hands after the very Constitutional trial and Public Hanging?

    Would that work for ya? Works for me.
  7. Come now. You're smarter than this.

    Do you really believe all these Senators and Representatives of the people have no idea that the U.S. Consitution clearly states ...

    "No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed."

    So, either all these folks have competency issues (in other words, they have no idea what it says in the document they all have sworn to uphold and defend), or they all have another agenda in mind.

    We have a Consitution for a reason. We should all insist our leaders follow it.

    - Spydertrader
  8. A deal is a deal. Those employees had a deal and they are due the money.

    Fuck those democratic hypocrites in Congress. You think anyone of them would give back anything if asked too? They don't even pay their taxes.
  9. TT1


    It is clear that the Democratic controlled Congress is clueless and incompetent!!!
  10. I guess ya'll deserve what ya get then.

    I mean if it wasn't explicitly illegal to engage in the reckless writing of CDS and assorted B/S contracts, virtually guaranteed to blow up eventually, then there's no harm done.

    You want it both ways. What you'll get is a one way @ss reaming.

    I say if you know the guy did the crime, then it doesn't matter what he's convicted of. Just a technicality for the record books.
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