Heard a good one tonight at the VFW

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by William Rennick, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Guy walks into a bar with his talking dog and orders a beer. The dog tells the bartender to get him one too.. The skeptical bartender accuses the guy of being a ventriloquist. So to prove him wrong he says he's going to go to the bathroom, and leave the dog. Once he's gone the dog asks for the beer again.. The shocked bartender says""wow, you really can talk... Hey, here's $10, go across the street to our completion, order a beer and tell him our bar is way better".... So the dog takes the $10 and heads out the door... Meanwhile, the dogs owner returns from the bathroom and asks where his dog went?? The bartender tells him he gave him money and sent him across the street to mess with the competition.. Worried that his dog is alone, the owner pays his tab and rushes after him.. Out on the street corner he sees his dog going at it with a beautiful French poodle.. He yells "Fido, what's going on, I've never seen you do that before??!" The dog stops for a second and yells back "that's because I never had $10 before!!"

  2. I had a French poodle, he kept running away.


    Ahahahaha ....:D
  3. Oh yea, did I tell you his name was Egypt. He used to leave pyramids all over the house. I'm glad he ran away.:cool: