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    I want to invest in a tradestation setup at home. Don't know much about computers, but three things that really annoy me are: (1) the constant noise that computers emit, (2) glare from the screen, and (3) the electromagnetic radiation. Are any of the newer designs addressing these issues and/or is there equipment out there that addresses these issues?
  2. I just had 2 built to the same specs. Low EM tested case, ultra quite ( can barely hear it running) plus I bought 19" LCD monitors so I can sit back a bit from them. It wasn't cheap but it was worth every penny.
  3. 1. Brand new computers don't make noise. (not sure what type of computer you have that makes noise)

    2. New monitors don't have glare. New monitors are all made glare proof. (if you see glare, close the drapes)

    3. New monitors don't give off electomagnetic radiation. Old style might. But you should buy all your computer equipment brand new straight out of the box.

    Never buy used equipment. Computers are so reasonably priced these days, it is not hard on the wallet when it is time to purchase a new computer. You can get a whole set up with one monitor for under 800.00 for a good computer. If I were you, I would wait until the NEW WINDOWS VISTA comes out around Christmas time to buy a new computer. Buy the fastest one with the biggest hard drive space. Buy it already assembled from a department store or computer store. Just in case it doesn't work, you can return it. Don't let somebody build you one.
  4. This is some really bad advise. All computers give off EMR. The only thing that reduces EMR is a case that is designed to reduce EMR ... you want find the average dell or hp with a low EMR case, nope. As far as Vista goes ... waiting for it is a really bad idea. First off they've been pushing the release date forward forever. Second, every first release windows OS has proven to be buggy as hell. If you want to have ap problems and bugs galore the first release Vista will be great ... them again you can just chew on tin foil while you trade.
  5. I disagree with this total statement. I'll tell you that there is a ton of quality used equipment out there. Video cards, hard drives, servers, you name it. $800 can actually get you a good server and a laptop.

    And, under no circumstances should you go anywhere near Vista for at least one release pack. This puppy is going to be so buggy you won't believe it. The new OS's for Windows ALWAYS are.

    I've been in this field as a computer guy for over 15 years. Need help? Drop me a PM! :)
  6. Why would a daytrader need a server? A daytrader doesn't need a server. All he needs is a monitor and a computer with a hard drive. Daytraders don't even need that, they can trade on their cell phone if it has interent access.
  7. A daytrader doesn't need a computer either to daytrade. But it can be used to help. By the way, you don't need a new computer to do that either. I was addressing the possible available used equipment that could be had for the $$$. No more, no less! :)
  8. I agree partially, although you are probably more technically sound than I. For examply, I bought a used quard matrox off of ebay for 120, that's a big discount. Will the cost of Dell's so cheap buy new. Replacing parts on a computer is a pain in the ass depending on the config. Upgrading the RAM on my old HP was a nightmare. I have long fingers and I couldn't get them in there to push the RAM module. I finally shoved it in with a flat head screwdriver as an ext. :D I know not good but it did the trick.
  9. So all we're talking about is a difference in skills, technique and/or knowledge of install. I too bought a Matrox card on eBay (a few actually). Mine cost $45 (shipped) and it was a great deal. Since your card was installed, has it given you any problems? That is the key point here. :)
  10. Glen ... stick to living organisms and leave the computer info to folks who know. OK?
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