Healthy Burgers that tastes great

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  1. The company that makes these burgers unfortunately is privately held (I'd definately invest). They are only available in the Southeast, but can be ordered on ebay for the rest of us. My daughter sent me a case, and I've since ordered another. These babies are one of the best things I've ever tried. Better taste than a beef burger with only 120 cal. and 4.5 grams of fat. All of you fat boys should give them a try.

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    Wont they taste like sh*t after being shipped all the way from the Southeast..
  3. It'll taste like e coli, then you'll shit.

    No, they pack stuff in ice and stuff. It works well. Be home when it's delivered though.
  4. Kelsey's offers burgers, a lot of restaurants do. I have a fast food place near where I work that has really good burgers, from 8 to 12 bucks depending on size.
  5. How much protein does one patty contain?
  6. inewsflash: chicken aint healthy :/
  7. What? You mean antibiotics and growth hormones aren't good for you?...:eek:
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    how many calories does each burger contain? yes, i do agree though. chicken isnt that good for you..
  9. 120 calories, 4.5 fat grams, 0 trans fat from all natural chicken that is fed an all veg,chemical medicine free diet. They are also free of growth hormones and antibiotics.
    The burgers are being produced by Springer Mountain Farms/Fieldale. They are the largest private growers in the US.I've checked all this out, it's good stuff, plus they taste so good you can't wait to eat another, no foolin...

  10. I agree. I mostly eat beef with it's antibiotics and growth hormones
    along with the E.coli and of course, mad cow disease...:p

    The extravagant amount of saturated fat is also a plus.
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