Healthcare reform a 'Nightmare for Obama'

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugscoe, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Samuelson: healthcare reform a 'Nightmare for Obama'
    December 21, 2009
    Rick Moran

    Liberal economist Robert Samuelson has been sounding the alarm for months about President Obama's extravagant spending. Now, he delivers a KO to Obama and his idea of health care reform.

    Writing in the Washington Post, Samuelson spares no words and lets the president have it right between the eyes:

    And his conclusions should give no one in the administration any comfort:

    A helluva price to pay for "political symbolism."
  2. Reagan dealt with a terrible economy. Made some bold moves and laid the groundwork for a recovery. Less regulation, lower taxes.
    Obama is wishing for the same Reagan rebound by 2012, but the groundwork Obama has laid is destructive to the economy.

    What a disaster we are in for.
  3. Seems you admire Regan too much.

    He's the one who opened the floodgates on deficit spending.... looks good in the GDP at first... until someone has to pay for it.

    However... isn't it funny about how the Libtards point to "Bush's deficits"? Yet Obama's are already THREE TIMES BIGGER.. WITH NO END IN SIGHT... in spite of his "promises" (aka, LIES) to lower deficits.
  4. Liberalism is founded on lies since there simply is no economic realities within liberalism, unless you count bankruptcy as the perfect foundation to build your dreams upon.
  5. To quote Milton Freidman. Its not the deficits that are that important its the spending.

  6. It was the democrats who controlled congress who refused to limit spending under Reagan.