Healthcare overhaul disaster

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  1. WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's main idea for getting quality health care at less cost was in jeopardy Wednesday after key medical providers called his administration's initial blueprint so complex it's unworkable.

    Just over a month ago, the administration released long-awaited draft regulations for "accountable care organizations," networks of doctors and hospitals that would collaborate to keep Medicare patients healthier and share in the savings with taxpayers. Obama's health care overhaul law envisioned quickly setting up hundreds of such networks around the county to lead a bottom-up reform of America's bloated health care system.

    But in an unusual rebuke, an umbrella group representing premier organizations such as the Mayo Clinic wrote the administration Wednesday saying that more than 90 percent of its members would not participate, because the rules as written are so onerous it would be nearly impossible for them to succeed.
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    Typical federal government. Too complicated and too expensive.
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    Too bad we have no choice as individuals. We must participate or be fined.
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    Pay the fine, and hope they go the hell away and let you have a life... I feel the same way about taxes in general. The entire public sector has about half the GNP going through their fingers every year and they never have enough money... if they had the whole GNP, give them a few years and they would be out of money...
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    +1 The cancer is growing..