Healthcare debate

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Sep 15, 2003.

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    OK, lets get to the bottom of this one. First of all, the number one problem in this country is not a lack of healthcare but rather unhealthy lifestyles. Forst most people in this country, if you are a healthy man or woman who doesn't smoke, drinks occasionally, is not over weight, doesn't do drugs, and exercises regularly. Your monthly health premiums are very cheap. In fact they are less then a night out on the town in NY or Chicago. Even less then taking a family of four to a Yankee game. The problem is our lifestyle. Over 60% of americans are obese or overweight. Another 35% to 40% smoke. Another % are heavy drinkers and god knows how many abuse heavy drugs. The fact of the matter is there is a very small percentage of Americans that truly healthy. So when you try to get healthcare coverage with all those problems then yes, they are going to be high, very high. And for many people they won't be able to afford them. But do you know what the answer is? Eat better, exercise, stop smoking, stop drinking till you passout, lay off the weed, lay off the heroin, run a few laps every week, swim, do whatever, that will do more for your health then any doctor or healthcare plan. But of course that involves people being accountable for their own health. Oh well. There is no way we could have a universal healthcare system for 300 million people. No way. It would cost us trillions, not billions in fraudulent claims, abuses by the patients and doctors and for the medical care for people who are drug addicts, obese, and never exercise. So no, I don't support that. What I would support is a government health care system for those who both are temporarily out of work and that meet a minimum standard for a physicals ie can't stop or be obese lets say. Most companies provide their employees with healthcare of some sort. So if you really want the healthcare that bad get a job. But if your not willing to work or willing to take care of your body, why should I have to work my ass off so that I pay 70% of my income to the gov't so you can sit on your ass at home and eat bon bons all day. No way, won't happen. It sounds so easy to say everyone deserves healthcare. And those evil republicans don't want you to be protected but the truth is you don't need to gov't to take care of you. You take care of yourself. Wow, this all comes back to the accountability thing I keep mentioning in every thread. Maybe there is something to that.
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    Are you for real? Never have I encountered someone who tried so hard to find reasons not to do what should be done. BTW - fewer and fewer firms offer health care, but I don't want to bother you with the facts.