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  1. What do you stay at home traders do for health insurance?

    My wife does not work.

  2. Surdo


    Take lots of vitamins.
    What state do you live in?
  3. Moreagr


    send her out to work!!
  4. i'd highly recommend your wife go to work. for $500 a month in most areas all you'll get is a 5k deductible. i was paying 1k amonth 3 years ago with no end in sight so my wife went to work at a school and now we have great ins for $180 amonth
  5. Surdo


    I have no wife or job, and several mistresses, and my Aetna costs me $164/month.
  6. ethos


    Look at HSA plans. They provide some tax advantages.
  7. but surdo do the math. if it rises 20-25% a year which many ahve for the past 10 years thats $400 in 5 years. now do the math if you were mid 30's family paying 1k amonth . next years $1200 then $1440 then $1740 then $2100. in 5 years from 1k to $2100
  8. The US healthcare crisis is a nightmare.

    Sooner or later it affects all of us if you live long enough.
  9. bdon


    In nyc I found atlantis health care. Under $300 / month for a single. Its cheaper than the cost offered by UNH that my firm gets. check it out It is actually cheaper than my cobra payments were from Madison.
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