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  1. My wife, 3 year old daughter, and I have individual health insurance, since I am self employed and my wife does not work. Our health insurance does not cover prenatal and postnatal care, nor a baby delivery at the hospital. So if we wanted to have a second child, it would cost $7,000 according to my wife's Ob-Gyn for the prenatal and postnatal care, and for a regular delivery at the hospital; it would be $9,000 total if there was a c-section. We would have to pay the entire fee at least 2 weeks before the delivery. I'm not sure if all Ob-Gyn's and hospitals are like that, but ours is. If there are complications or the baby is born premature and the baby requires to be in the hospital for more than 2 (regular delivery) or 4 (c-section) days, then the hospital charges $1,500 per day, which is outrageous.

    It is so unfair that we have to pay such a high fee to have a baby, especially since many people come to this country and have their babies for free and never pay a dime. We have decided not to have any more children.
  2. People were having babies long before hospitals existed. In fact, long before money even existed. Species of animals all around the world seem to have babies fine without going to hospitals.

    But that said, I would still pay just to decrease that infant mortality rate. My baby needed a blood transfusion when she was born, so I was glad we were the hospital. Our co-pay was $500 per day and we were there about 6 days. Paid $1,000 up front, and they never billed us for the rest.

    Its only money anyway. What are you going to do with an extra 7k anyway?
  3. On monday my blood pressure dropped to 70 over 40 and I passes out. EMT took me to wake med in raleigh. I lay there for 7.5 hours before I could see a doctor and another 4 hours before I was assigned to a cubicle.

    Meanwhile, my wife was observing gobs of people who were walking into the emergency room with only minor problems and my wife noticed that they knew all about the system of getting in.

    During my wait, I asked a lot of questions and found out it is against the law to turn anyone away from the emergency room and to refuse care.

    The small hospitals have all gone broke and closed around here and we are left with crowded conditions in the remaining emergency rooms.

    Unless the law changes, then the only solution is free medical care for everyone, so that these free loaders can go to a doctor's office.

    I believe the increase in taxes would easily be worth it, particularly when you are laying there expecting to die from a lack of medical care, in the emergency room. What a joke.

    If anyone has a better idea, then I would love to hear it.

    Good luck and take care.
  4. Go to the wealthy side of towns hospitals. You'll walk right in and be out in about 1 hour. I made the mistake once of going to the poor side of towns hospitals when i first came to town. What a difference. In the poor side, its a 4 hour wait in the waiting room and thats if you have a life threatening emergency!
  5. You are dead wrong Peil.
  6. arent you asking about going bankrupt on another thread and now you want another baby? wtf man use some common sense. babies cost money.
  7. Single payer health care or at mininmum a public option ...but republicans wont allow it
  8. How much is your monthly premiums for this type of coverage? And what is the name of the provider if you don't mind me asking?
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    Wasn't Obama care passed while the Dems controlled the house, senate and WH?
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    Since Obama care has passed, health care premiums are going through the roof. Thanks Barry!!!!!
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