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    Hi all,

    Those of you who trade full time and don't have spouses with health insurance, what have you done to get insurance? Do you buy into the group plans? Any other ideas?

    Thanks for any advice...
  2. You might check with your local Chamber of Commerce.


    Check out various plans at That's where I got mine through BC/BS.
  4. I use NASE (National Association of the Self Employed) they offer Mega Life and Health. I found they were about half the cost of Blue Cross Blue Shield with comparable service. I have used them for 1-2 years now with no problems whatsoever.
  5. If you belong to a professional society of any sort, check with them. I'm an enginerd and belong to IEEE. They have every kind of insurance coverage imaginable. I have life and supplemental disability through them since these were the best deals I could find.

    I still have a day j.o.b. so I haven't looked at the health insurance yet.
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    Google Mega Life. It's a total scam. Here's some of the results that turn up:

  7. Interesting, I will have to do some research now. Like I said I have used them for about 2 years with no problems however this makes me wonder now.....
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    You could look into an HSA account plan with a high deductible. I was quoted 116 a month for a 5k deductible plan with BC/BS. (single)
  9. Aetna/USHC offers an HMO in several states for $283, a few bucks more with Rx coverage.
  10. I've got a similar plan from my local BC/BS plan. It is accepted in all 50 states. It comes in handy if you are bitten by a shark in Florida, if you ski off a cliff in Colorado or if your parachute fails to open while you are sky diving over the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

    It is best if your health inc. co is "admitted" to do business in your state. Admitted insurance co's are regulated by the state dept of insurance and have to meet certain standards. The local BC/BS plans in all 50 states are admitted insurance co's.

    Non-admitted insurance co's operate outside of the state and thus have a wider latitude to deny/not pay claims (esp. large $ claims.) They will usually pay the small claims to keep the premium revenue coming in.

    Some insurance carriers do have an unfavorable reputation within reimbursement circles and thus not all providers (doctors/hospitals) will accept the insurance from certain insurance carriers. This can be a problem if you are on vacation, etc.
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