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  1. What are any of you independent traders doing for health insurance these days? Thanks!
  2. Bump! I got the same question
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    What state are you in?
    I have a decent rate through Aetna/USHC in NY.
  4. Blue Cross Blue Shield (Illinois) ... individual coverage.
  5. Cobra coverage from my last job ...
  6. I'm in CA
  7. Blue Cross $286 for me $486 for the wifey....I'm open to any suggestions.
  8. Group plan or individual?

    Individual rates for HMO plans in New York are some of the most hideous in the country due to guaranteed coverage underwriting rules:
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    When you get insurance, make sure to read the fine print. I thought I was very well covered and it turns out not so much. Part of the fine print was a lifetime coverage amount of $250,000 on any particular illness, and if something serious happens to you, you can go through that very quickly. I spent half of May, all of June and part of July in the hospital this year and spent nearly $400, the bills can pile on very quickly. GET CATASTROPHIC COVERAGE.
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    I pay 1/4 of those rates as an individual.
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