Health insurance group forming - Kaiser Permanente

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    OK. I'm currently insured with Kaiser Permanente, paying about twice what my rate was when I was employed, with fewer benefits.

    If I recall correctly, pretty much any kind of organization (clubs, NPOs, etc.), not just "companies", can get some kind of group rate. If you're small enough, you don't have to administer it yourself, either - they can do all the work.

    So, if anyone is interested in getting together a group for Kaiser, please PM me with your location (city, state) and I'll do the legwork once I get a headcount, if there's sufficient interest.

    While Kaiser offers coverage in multiple states, it's not clear whether you can actually form one group without at least 150 people, but I'll check. You can see if you're in a coverage area at .
  2. You can form a group of a much smaller size than 150. Even of less than 10 people. About multiple states you will have to check. I know Kaiser of northern California is defferent than Kaiser of southern California so members might be in the same area.

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