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    I'm 25 (single, non-smoker) and am getting quotes at 400-500/year. My COBRA option is 450/month. Feel bad about guys with a family (1,000/month). Do guys know any good high deductable plans? How about getting only catasprophic coverage? Also hard to find/decipher info on Health Savings Account and Medical Savings Account, any experience with those? Any alternatives to standard insurance? Thanks.
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    Major medical will run u less than $50 per month at ur age.

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  3. you live in jersey city right. if so you can get basic medical for a 150 from oxford health. the only catch is don't get aids or cancer and be willing to pay for your own prescriptions.
  4. You might also need disability insurance. I was disabled in my mid fifties and could no longer work. When I applied for social security disability they said that I would get my first check in 2 years. Something to think about.
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    Congress passed a new law that went into effect this January. It set up a Health Savings Account that can be used in conjuntion with high deductable plans. That way money you don't use carries over and accumulates. Also you save on taxes. Anyone taking of this? Because its so new a lot of people haven't heard of it but it seems like the best option for the self-employed. I finally found some information about it at the Department of Treasury of all places:
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    Here's a free advice for you guys in searching for good insurance. All the top insurance companies are at your fingertips on the internet. Most local agents can only quote you from the few companies that they represent. They may not offer you what is best for you financially or reliable but only what they happen to have available.

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  8. I use NASE (national assoc of Self Employed),for a group rate on my insurance. $75 to join NASE, one time charge.

    I am 44 and pay 190 per month with really good coverage, 1k deductible.

    I don't have chemo coverage, and pay for regular doc visits however. On the plus side, any emergency coverage has zero deductible (say I rip up a knee skiing for example). That's the main reason I have it as I never even go to a doc (knocking on wood).

    The NASE thing also includes stuff you'd get with AAA, like road coverage, hotel discounts, etc.

  9. Jayford, that is good to know. Good rate too.
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    I have Aetna HMO for $20 co-pay and zero deductible for under $164/month premium!
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