health care under the government

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poor health treatment i typical of government care all over the world

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  2. Why morons would be so enthusiastic about a bureaucratic, politically motivated government monopoly for their health care is remarkable. Why would they suppose that employees who likely couldn't be fired (and whose inefficiencies would probably be covered up) will be any more efficient or effective than any other government run undertaking ? It is the very government interference through Medicaid, Medicare, VA , etc & mandated red tape, and the influence of connected trial lawyers paying campaign contributions that is the source of many current problems in the system.
    Take examples from your own personal experience - a trip to the DMV, post office, or standing in line waiting to get on a plane in your socks (as though a terrorist is going to try using another 'shoe bomb' again). Is there a common theme here ? Can you Think ?
    Of course, someone said that when the majority figures out that they can vote to steal from the productive minority - its all over for Democracy & the society is headed for inevitable decline. The politicians will be perfectly willing to make whatever promises to keep themselves in office & in power while playing the DemoRepublican musical chairs game. They will come up with whatever reasons (including those fabricated by their paid off 'intelluctuals') to 'justify' the theft of your money and personal liberty. - -
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    You get what you pay for? you actually believe that the more you pay the better your insurance coverage the better your physicians decision making and the greater his attentiveness??

    When you die they hardly even know it :D
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    What he said.
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    proper health care is NOT a privilege of those that can afford it it's a RIGHT of humanity. it's the right thing to do.

    Capitalism can work is so many other areas, keep it out of health care.
  6. The reason 46m are uninsured is because they choose not to pay for it. It's pretty simple.
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    what of those that can't afford 1000 monthly premiums?
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    I know it's not popular to say this but I've had exceptionally good health care at V.A. hospitals over the years. The latest medical equipment, dedicated doctors and nurses, superb volunteers, waits for appointments or service that have been about normal or not too excessive. I'm not suggesting that all (future) government health care would be as good. In fact, I doubt it very much as the V.A. system has been in place for a long time.

    But despite the occasional horror story you hear at some V.A. hospital (which I'm sure happens at many regular hospitals except you generally don't hear about it since it's not V.A./gov't and doesn't get politicized or publicized) the overall care has been very good for most service people that I know. Those who complain about horrible government care usually haven't actually experienced it themselves, just read about some terrible tragedy that happened somewhere and assumed it's that way everywhere. It's not.
  9. $1000? Back that up with facts.

    Both my wife and I are self employed and on separate insurance policies with our child under hers.

    We are not even paying close to $1000 per month.

    It sure sounds good though when you're trying to push this crapola through on the public.
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    but what if you are unemployed and prefer not to work but get sick?
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