Health Care & the Supreme Court

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  1. The Supreme Court starts debating health care,
    or "Obamacare," Monday, March 26th.

    I don't want to try to predict what is going to happen,
    but I can see possible Volitility, whatever the outcome.

    How about some ideas
    on how to play this volitility, if it happens?

  2. newwurldmn


    So we should give you our trade ideas based on the research we've been working on?
  3. we need social reform health care. the most powerful richest country in the world does not provide affordable humane healthcare..costa rica does better...WTF! :confused:

    make your capitalistic stance somewhere else but not at expense of people's suffering, health and life!

    buy a dominos or a McDeesif you wish to exert your idealism! but leave it at the door when comes to healthcare. people first!
  4. You apparently don't understand the difference between a "good" and a "right".
  5. I think I do let's (a hard ass) claim I have no "right" to healthcare (unless i have welfare in form of healthinsurance or huge sums of $), even though it's a "good" IE moral imperative for any and all humane and i may add CHRISTIAN society.

    And if lacking either, money or corporate welfare ins, I should suffer my illhealth for lack therefof. and be happy for it.
    Did I get YOU right?

    ps let me guess, you are a staunch Rush/Hannity fanboy :D
  6. I was going to give you my current trading ideas...but I was afraid someone would criticize me.

  7. Rob227


    Let's hear your idea's. What's the worst that can happen?
  8. Eight


    why should I pay for anybody's health care in a nation that has lousey factory farmed food? Why pay for healthcare when it's actually barely doing more good than harm? Why pay for healthcare when the drugs are poisoning people? I don't want healthcare that comes from government, they can use it as a weapon against dissenters.