Health Care Reform & Medicaid

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    I'm neither Democrat or Republican. Rather I understand math and logic.

    How is "significantly expanding Medicaid" in this "reform" actual REFORM? Medicaid is full of problems and fraud. Florida alone had about $3.5 Billion in Medicaid fraud last year. Last I knew we had 50 states so one can extrapolate how significant the fraud is across the country. So expanding it is basically saying "hey crooks, we're leaving our bank vault even further open for you to steal even more".

    Obama preached change and this is what we get? And one only wonders how many votes he bought to get this passed.

    Last, I'll bet my last $ that the numbers the CBO came up with won't pan out. I'll go a step further and say that we won't reduce the deficit but rather it'll expand with this legislation.
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    So based on what "math and logic" would you be willing to make that bet?
  3. More cuts in none essential procedures? Don't know where you get the $3.5 billion/yr Medicaid fraud, but if true, that is certainly another area to hire more inspectors and trim the fraud and waste.



    Simple projections. Doesn't take a PhD in Math to run the numbers.


    From Miami Herald:

    And adding people to enforce everyone to have insurance and/or look into fraud is a losing proposition. Government employees have basically no accountability. If they over run budgets they have no consequences. If those who handle Medicaid claims worked as diligently as private insurance companies the fraud would be much, much less. I fight with BC to get my annual physical paid every year even though it's in the coverage. Government rubber stamps claims more often than not.
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    Yeah, sure. Well, another entitiy besides yourself has come to the opposite conclusion. I'd be willing to bet, based on the simple probability that you do not work for them, that their access to data is better than yours.
  7. That's a suckers bet, there is no way cbo came to an accurate conclusion because they can only work with the input assumptions congress gives them.

    Remember the old joke about a starving economist & a can of food : "assume" a can opener.

    These economists are hampered by whatever congress tells them to ASSUME.


    CBO already has said their numbers are worthless.

    Medicaid is expanding SIGNIFICANTLY. It's currently an insolvent program. Comprehendo?

    And how will we fund the chronically sick, currently uninsurable, many due to their own CHOICES (smokers, abuse alcohol & drugs, poor dietary habits)? With no lifetime caps this becomes a losing game for insurers and premiums will rise for all.

    And how will the government insure everyone buys health insurance. Hire a bunch of lackey government employees?

    I'll make any wager than it 10 years we'll not only not see a deficit reductions as Obama & Co. claim but we'll see an ever expanding deficit due to this unsustainable "entitlement" program.

    Why are we even mandating that all must have insurance? Is that true for auto insurance? Plenty do NOT have that form of insurance. What about homes? Are all homeowners holders of home insurance policies? Nope. And WHY even insure those who ABUSE their bodies/health? Auto insurers drop those who are poor drivers. Home insurance companies drop those with too many claims. Health insurers should have a CHOICE as to whether they'll insure those who CHOOSE to NOT take care of themselves. It's asinine that we'll insure fat slobs who choose to eat Big Macs, smoke 2 packs/day, drink a 6 pack each night and do some drugs on the side.

    Why "steal" the $500 billion in Medicare cuts for this "reform"? Reform is CHANGE -- not expanding a program that has been shown to NOT work for years. Why not use the $500 billion to pay down the $38 TRILLION in future Medicare liabilities? You are aware of such I assume?

    I can only conclude your math abilities and understanding of the facts on health care are lacking a bit.