Health care reform means more power for the IRS

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  2. Thank you for posting this, I read it a while back and could not remember where I had found it.

    If this goes through, we are screwed as a nation, in my opinion.

    The income tax and the IRS are a blight and a pox upon a free people. We should be devising ways to eliminate the IRS, not handing over the last key to the lock of freedom.
  3. was for it, now not so sure
  4. For the healthcare bill or the IRS as your medical "czar"?
  5. neither, or. i don't want big brother telling me *I* HAVE to INDEMNIFY myself against illness. But, at same time, I do want free health care when & if I REALLY need it! :D
  6. We wouldn't want Americans to be deprived of their right to defraud the government that would be ...un-American.
  7. This should strike terror in to the hearts of every American:
    The Democrats' plan would require all Americans to have "acceptable" insurance coverage (the legislation includes long and complex definitions of "acceptable") and would designate the IRS as the agency charged with enforcing that requirement. On your yearly 1040 tax return, you would be required to attest that you have "acceptable" coverage. Of course, you might be lying, or simply confused about whether or not you are covered, so the IRS would need a way to check your claim for accuracy. Under current plans, insurers would be required to submit to the IRS something like the 1099 form in which taxpayers report outside income. The IRS would then check the information it receives from the insurers against what you have submitted on your tax form.

    If it all matches up, you're fine. If it doesn't, you will hear from the IRS. And if you don't have "acceptable" coverage, you will be subject to substantial fines — fines that will be administered by the IRS.
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    ALL things that Democrats do expand the role of the Federal government and limit your freedoms... stop voting for that shit already...
  9. If you buy the house you have to have the homeowners insurance. If you buy the car you have to have the car insurance.
    What is different with health insurance?
  10. I think the conservatives like a system where part of everyone's premium goes to pay for the free health care that some people get at the emergency room.

    That way this hidden tax is not called a tax and Conservatives don't like taxes.

    Some hospitals guess that this amounts to 20+% of everyone's premium and is going up as more people lose insurance.

    Or since this lack of insurance kills about 20000 people a year, it makes the "party of life" happy?

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