Health Care Play Here?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kanzei, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Kanzei


    Fact: Radiation will be hitting California on Friday

    Opinion: It won't be strong enough to hurt most people.

    Here's the article. Many other facts and opinions of course, but these are the central two pieces of information.

    Will there be an overreaction by Americans to take advantage of?

    Are any KI manufacturers public?

    Will there be long term damage that can affect markets? (ie - thousands of cancers in the next 5 years of 'unknown origin')

    Is this unimportant, even though the UN finds it important enough to talk to the Times about?

    Looking for thoughts here.
  2. piezoe


    Here is my thought. I think you may have lost your mind.
  3. I'm in Vancouver, Canada and the drug stores have sold all their Potassium Iodide Pills. People are worried that radiation will be carried in the jet steam from Japan to North America.

    "Iodine-131 is absorbed by the thyroid and is associated with thyroid cancer. Potassium iodide pills are used to saturate the thyroid with iodine so that it won't absorb the radioactive iodine."

    So buy stock in whomever makes those pills.
  4. Kanzei


    how so? If people overreact, there's a trade there. If people don't react and the problem is serious, there's a trade there. I'm not saying nuclear holocaust. I'm saying that fear, greed, and quickly moving events causing massive changes in human activity lead to opportunities.

    news this big means SOMETHING.

    I'm asking, what does it mean?

    and if you say "nothing", I say to you from my days playing high stakes poker - "if you don't know who the fish is at the table, it's you".
  5. Kanzei


    I need some spoon feeding on this one. I can't find a public company that makes that stuff, but I'm SURE when the US Government buys a big stockpile (and they will), they'll buy from a public company... after they let their friends in Congress have a taste of some call options.
  6. spindr0


    The US gubbermint already stockpiles it so it's a question of how much fear grips the public as well as determining the profit margin and how much revenue it generates for the manufacturer. If it's an inexpensive generic in a large profduct line, it may be a non event. There may be better plays in the massive rebuilding that's going to have to be done.