Health Care Plans sector still correcting?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by steveosborne, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Anybody has an idea why the Health Care Plans sector (^YHOh792 on Yahoo) is still going down while general indices are rebounding? I've noticed that the Health Care Plans stocks that have been weak during the past three weeks are the same stocks that had outperformed their sector during the previous three months (except for UNH that has been underperforming the whole time) so I'm suspecting that the overall stock market correction that started in late March is just not over yet for the Health Care Plans sector, but why?

    Could it be that UNH is dragging the whole sector in the mud?

    The companies included in the ^YHOh792 index are AET,AGP,CNC,CI,CVH,HNT,HS,HUM,MHS,MOH,OCR,SIE,UNH,WCG and WLP.
  2. ron2368


    Medicare reimbursment to insurers always gets a small + yearly increase, this year a reduction was proposed but at last minute was retracted. Maybe it will go through next year?
  3. That makes sense. Thanks Ron.