Health Care Passed

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  1. Thoughts? I would love to see some good discussion on the economic effects of this bill, as I don't know much about what it contains.
  2. Whatever happens is now going to play out. By the time this goes into effect in 4 years, we will see that we were nowhere near out of the woods with this economic crisis.

    By then we should have 30% unemployment and many many sick people. When people who are making 100k per year, get their monthly health insurance bill for $7,000, I think many will just quit their jobs to make less money so they can get a subsidy.

    In my opinion this bill will chase off anyone making between 60-250k per year. Heck...It might chase off anyone making up to 1 million per year depending on how much they have to fork over.
  3. isn't it unconstitutional to force a person to purchase something? is anyone going to sue this for forcing a health insurance purchase upon them?
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  5. ya europe 2, no incentive to put time and money into obtaining skills for higher paying jobs, because the gap between the pay for skilled work and unskilled work will fade
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    You mean like roads, schools, and transit in the form of taxes?
  7. the reason I put a question mark is because I wasn't sure, I was asking

    but I'd assume taxing then purchasing is different than just outright forcing someone to purchase something

    but ya I'm not happy with my tax money going to schools because my kids don't live in this retarded country, I don't want the stupid government to own my kids
  8. I have no idea how this works. if insurance co's have to take the millions of sick i have to think premiums will sky rocket. and if the gov't tries to block there premium increases they will simply shut down. i know many doctors that are looking at exiting there profession. drs and hospitals already in short supply what happens when 32 mil new people take coverage? dr offices will be full to the ceiling.
  9. oh they will print the money needed for it
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    does anyone have a copy of what was agreed to, no sense in blathering in the dark
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