Health care is a human RIGHT, not a privilege.

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  1. Doctors are trying to defend their right to enrich themselves by charging fees per illness, per procedure or treatment, or by owning a diagnostic or surgery center.

    Insurance companies, and their executives are defending their right to enrich themselves by denying coverage for pre-existing illnesses or claims for expensive procedures.

    And lawyers are trying to defend their right to enrich themselves by suing doctors, insurance companies, and even you if you happen to get in a car accident.

    The entire paragraph above deals with nothing more than greed, and making money. Below is the oath taken by doctors, and nowhere in this oath does it mention enriching yourself or making money. The oath is about helping your fellow man.

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    Human Rights, Homelessness and Health Care

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, proclaimed that “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of oneself and one’s family, including food, clothing, housing, and medical care.”

    Although this statement of high principle was adopted at the urging of the United States, and although it reflects the truths of our nation’s founding documents, our government has achieved neither formal recognition nor practical realization of these rights. Mass homelessness and the escalating health care crisis in the US are compelling evidence of our disregard for human rights. Sadly, our country is but one of many nations where grave offenses against the dignity of human beings are commonplace, and global enforcement of human rights remains a distant goal. In the US, however, the twin advantages of democratic institutions and great wealth provide the opportunity for our nation to implement the principles human rights. Implementation of human rights principles will lead inexorably to the elimination of mass homelessness.
  2. Where do I go for my next meal, society owes me a hamburger.
    Its my human right.
  3. Don't forget the house, car and a royalty check in my mail box every Friday for being born.
  4. Code for: I'm taking my bonus out of your raise, what are you going to do about it. Thats the welfare that really exists ...enemy of working people moron.

  5. Well, the USG, the socialists and its unions now owns the banks, auto companies, soon to be health care system and newspapers, so why not restaurants ?

    Coming to a Barry O's near you............

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  6. Hey Walter4, I am injured and don't have health insurance. Please send me your credit card number so you can pay for my health expenses. You would not deny me my human rights, would you?
  7. Well, while Walter does not have a credit card due to being underage and unemployed, the point of the universal healthcare is that everyone should be automatically protected. Just like when you are robbed or mugged, you would not need Walter's credit card, would you, you'd just call the cops and they would be in your house in a matter of minutes, free of charge, regardless of whether you have a job, pay taxes, have insurance, vote etc. And if Walter was in trouble he'd get the same service even if he is an unemployed homeless lunatic. Because it's your and his right to be protected. Health care is not a right... but it certainly should be. And it's cheaper too, given that all western countries pay half of what we pay and get more.
  8. This is what I do not understand. If the USA is so rich, and the superpower compare to the world, why they would not think it is a good bet to make more people healthy and educated with health care affordable, and education?
  9. If I pull fire alarms or call 911 recklessly I will be fined or be put in jail. If I drink heavily and need a new liver every 5 years, will you give it to me or put me in jail to die.
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