Health Care, GO Obama

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  1. Watching the forum and knocking back an Old Milwaukee Forty, yes still in the brown sack from the gas station. Don't know what you Fella's think but the Prez is making a bunch of sense. Our current system with Doc's making 7 figures treating cancer patients and insurance companies screwing everyone is FUBAR. I'll support this as long as they make lawyer/landshark reform a big part of it .

    Rennick Kennedy out:cool:
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    One huge, for me HUGE, disadvantage to the concept of national healthcare: motorcycle helmet laws will probably become universal too. Maybe the Hell's Angels would start the coup.
  3. I agree the notion of medical specialists making a million a year is ridiculous. Who do those guys think they are? Only mortgage brokers, lawyers, university presidents, 9th men on NBA rosters and local anchormen are entitled to that kind of ca-ching!

  4. Nice afternoon rally doubt due to the Dems losing the summit
  5. Obama kicked the Republicans asses again

    Republicans need to stop debating Obama in person
  6. LOL, good one.
  7. Obama spanked the boys of the GOP. He knew the subject better, was better prepared and made the most sense. Boehner, McCain and others are knocking back some highballs tonight and toasting we'll get em next time or maybe never again in person. I loved it when he scolded Cantor I think it was, for the prop of the bill in front of him, made him look like a silly kid. Good stuff.
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    You're an idiot rennick, trial lawyers own the democrats and tort reform will never get by this group.

    Interesting on how everyone declares winners and losers based on their preconceived political leanings.

    Let's get one FACT perfectly clear, government run anything never reduces cost or saves money- never. It's almost a law of government. In the end we'll just get less for more money, study medicaid for a while and you'll see what I mean.

    Why do we have to keep repeating the failures of the left?
  9. Trust me holmes....the "left" doesn't have any exclusive right to socialistic lunacy. I can still remember where I was when I heard that Bush the Younger and his Republican House and Senate had passed Medicare Part D

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    Exactly! Medicare D is already over budget, as is almost every other government program in existence.

    I don't care who creates it, they always cost more. At a timewhen we can't run the socialized medical programs we have, facing a $60T shortfall, now they want to EXPAND this lunacy.

    Traders should understand that the CBO is like a bad trading system, it fails miserably in its predictions. This stupid charade of politicians pretending these future estimates are reliable are an outright fraud.
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