Health Care for Day Traders

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  1. Is there a list of day trading firms that offer health care for their traders?
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    Don't worry Obama's going to give you free healthcare soon.
  3. This country cannot afford to give free health care, nor would it be good for capitalism.
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    Unlike most if not all "first world" countries of the world? Gimme a break.
  5. By day trading firm do you mean prop firm? Aren't prop traders basically contractors rather than employees?
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    I agree.
  7. Free? Not quite
  8. No Prop (daytrading) firm offers healthcare (that I know off). And I have worked at several shops.

    They prefer to take the money your commissions generate and buy benefits for everyone in the back office and management. I always found it ironic that the "traders" whom bring in all of the revenue receive the least amount of benefits (and/or respect in many firms, for that matter.)

    Many frims do let you participate in their plans but you have to pay into them same is if you were buying them on your own.

    Unforunately we all live by the sword. We get only what we can take from mr. market!

    Good luck taking as much as you can b/c we are all on our own!
  9. I do not expect a firm to pay for my health care. I am looking for a group health plan for day traders.

    I am well aware that free health care would mean higher commissions. I would rather go a la carte. But, it would be nice to get involved in a group rate.
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    lol, yeah we can check our cholesterol and renew our drivers license at the same time...take a ticket please....

    If this happens its going to get so bad, to get service we're going to have to start giving envelopes stuffed with cash to doctors under the table just like some countries in Europe and even canada...cant wait.

    Yeah I know, I know, but that would be illegal you say, against the law... Health care will be free...Tell that to the desperate patients who need medical attention now... and to the doctors who are up to thier necks in student loans. Nothings is free people, your gonna pay through much higher taxes, and if you dont pay taxes , dont worry, long lines, denied service and CASH under the table to get some service for yourself or your loved ones.

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