Health Bill Would Add 3.8% Tax on Investment Income

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  1. health care reform is a good start. that will create a new principle of openning up the health care market. if the u.s gov wants to sell their health care plan, so be it and that could lead to openning up nafta.

    for example, canada gov and canada private health care companies can begin selling their coverages in the u.s to compete against the u.s gov

    Western europe and japan will also be allow to sell
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  2. TheMan


    you still do not understand what i am telling you

    i am not sure how that is even possible.

    this conversation is like trying to explain nuclear fusion to a 3 year old
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  3. let me ask you this TheMan, what is your solution to the health care reform?

    Leave it as it is?
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  4. muller


    Well, how would YOU feel?
    If you'd feel bad then nobody of us would stop you from taking care of YOUR loved ones.
    But please leave me and others alone with your issues, since YOUR loved ones ARE NOT MY loved ones.
    YOUR life, YOUR responsibility.
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  5. Your health care begins with you, and everyone.

    Few of you are willing to take any responsibility at all. Abuse your health, see or wish for a doctor to fix it.

    Never in history have so many people abused their health. Read the statistics. Incidences of common illnesses are doubling every decade, costing hundreds of billions more. The 2.5 trillion spent on health care should be less than 10% of that if individuals took responsibility.

    Almost all illnesses are preventable. The longest lived cultures in the world have the healthiest populations, with practically no health care system or little spent.
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  6. muller


    More competition and deregulation would be good. That would lead to lower rates and better service.
    Actually before WW2 Americans were able to choose insurers from other States.
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  7. TheMan


    As already stated, i would increase competition and deal with the pre-existing condition issue.

    while i was at it, i would also abolish the IRS, start a flat tax, cut the gov't in half, fire all senators and house members, re-elect their positions, remove their benefits, send everything i fucking had to the middle east and finish the war in 1 maybe 2 days tops, close all military bases around the world, bring our troops home, enforce our borders, stop getting involved with all the BS around the world, deport all illegals and hopefully get a BJ at the end of accomplishing all of that in my first day in office.

    shit maybe i should just go ahead and run in 2012

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  8. [​IMG]

    Thats what you get for subsidizing crooked doctors, illegals of all stripes, scammers, thieves, hypochondriacs, adding a week to a life for 250k, being a bend over kinda guy.


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  9. I could have told you what was happening 20 years ago.

    We have MOSTLY two kinds of people in this country.

    The overpaid (doctors, wall St) , and the welfare class who demand a middle class existence simply for being alive.

    Which are you? Neither? Sap.
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  10. TheMan, the question is how u will get the votes to passed all the bills?

    Abolish IRS? That is immpossible. How will you get senators and house to passed that bill?

    Ron Paul is a great man, he will not live to see his principle passed unless texas secede from the U.S.

    United State is a big big country and the largest melting pot. The only way you can achieve your principles are to secede from the U.S.
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