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  1. Ok here is an explanation and an offer.

    The body is an outpicturing of the mind. Your mind. Without exception, it is your mind that does the healing. But sometimes it needs help because it has forgotten something about your natural state. My mind is able to help your mind heal by helping it remember something about itself. Sometimes the healing in the mind translates to the body...because, as I said, the body is an outpicturing of the mind.

    I have influence on your mind because ultimately, your mind and my mind are one mind. This is the reality of the situation. What's happening is you have privatized a very small section of the one mind, and within it have set up your own little kingdom and locked the gates shut.

    By segregating this little section of the mind to yourself, you've brought a sense of guilt into your kingdom. Some of this is shoveled onto the body where it is meted out punishment as a kind of scapegoat. The body is an innocent bystander caught in the cross-fire of a mind that is conflicted with itself relative to beliefs about apartheid from the rest of the mind where I and all other minds dwell.

    Basically, segregation never works over the long haul, and leads to sickness. So for healing, I'm asking you to open the doors and windows of your mental apartment to mine, to accept what is already joined. That way, I can better assess all your best trading strategies. :) Just kidding. You see, you are fearful of this. I ask you to drop fear like a bad stock and cut your losses.

    Secondly, how sickness manifests is not so much the concern as the cause...so I am working on the cause. Let us not then ask for specifics relative to the body, because that reinforces the mistake that is already being made.

    Next, forgive as I forgive you. Despite your perception of a segregated mind, it is really not true. It is impossible. Therefore, you have done nothing wrong and are 100% innocent.

    Anything you think you have done wrong...you are mistaken. In this way, I absolve you of all ideas about non-innocence, imperfection, unholiness, guilt...etc. These are bogus ideas and harmful to your well-being. They don't help jem either. They are not worthy of you. You don't deserve them. What is happening with the body is self-punishment and without guilt, there is no reason to punish yourself.

    Now, over the next three days, I would like you to extend this kind of forgiveness outward in a randomly widening circle, attempting to encompass the entire world.

    I will be shining the light of my mind on yours. If you open the doors and windows you will realize you are innocent. Open the doors and windows by offering a little willingness to forgive as I forgive. Be sure to include yourself equally, determined to recognize holiness as your unchangeable inheritance. I will help you remember.

    This is going to begin the healing of your mind as it is restored to it's original state of wholeness, health, and power, one step at a time.

    I offer you an open mind, accepting yours, recognizing that the Holy Spirit abides in both equally. You are the same as I am.

    Report back here in three days with the effects of your experience.

  2. hughb


    I'm drinking your blood right now, Mad Dog 20/20 to specific, and feeling pretty damb good. My elbow has been feeling pretty good the last couple of years, so thanks. But now my knees hurt from kneeling down to talk to you every night. Do I really have to kneel? Can't I just do it while laying down?

    BTW, if you want the asshole Judas' ass kicked, just say the word. I think that was a pretty focked up thing he did.