Heads up on LEH!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Rearden Metal, May 23, 2008.

  1. Hmmm... LEH steadily dropping for a few days in a row, big volume on the OTM puts, Friday... we've seen this pattern before.

    Hint: We've seen this in pattern in a stock containing the name of an animal that may or may not shit in the woods. I'm not predicting anything, but this is definitely worth watching very closely...
  2. I've found this to be an exceedingly difficult trade when thinking about it before.

    Each time, short covering would have doomed me.

    LEH is trickier than any financial I've seen. If you pull the trigger, let us know.
  3. Oh, I've been short varying amounts all day. Not bragging or anything here, as my Faber induced BUD losses more than wipe away my LEH gains.
  4. even shorting in a bear market is tough as hell. i'm loaded on dug from the other day and i've started buying the most hated stocks on earth airlines today. i've tried shorting leh a few times only to get squeezed to death
  5. ElCubano


    this is the real scary part.....and a long weekend...peace
  6. what's the latest rumors making the rounds?
  7. We are in stage 1 of Bear with Lehman... large amount of OTM puts. Stage 2 is the onset of rumors. Stage 3 leads to BK.
  8. I'm wondering if there is an inexpensive tool out there that will help me analyze the LEH options. Don't really want to shell out the $ for Options Vue.
  9. 16,000 $22 puts traded by 1:30!
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