Heads Up... KOGi 17" LCD on sale again... $299

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. thanks for the info on Circuit City - is it just me or is their selection really kinda limited. i bought the kogi monitors and i have no complaints, but id pay $100 more for a samsung... they could actually be identical monitors with different names, but if they they start flickering or something a year from now i dont want to have to start worrying about warranty issues.... honestly too, they were almost too cheap - i wonder if like 1/2 the folks dont process the rebates correctly and they make the dough back there.
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    Valid points! Hey, thanks.
    1. I believe the rebate on the KOGi LCD is limited to one per houshold per promotion, not one per each.
    2. As for "64MB each"... probably not necessary. In my W98 trader, I had 4 ATI 4mg cards. In my 1 year old W2K trader, I have 4 ATI 16mg cards. I opted for lower end cards because (a) higher power not utilized in a trader, (b) less heat, so no video card fans (c) less noise and (d) lower cost. Because of heat and noise, I'd actually recommend low end cards. I've heard of those who get 3 manufacturer's cards to work together, but that's not always the case. I like mine to be not only from the same mfr, but to run on the same ATU universal driver... BTW, ATI Rage Pro, in my case. :D
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