Heads Up... KOGi 17" LCD on sale again... $299

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Feb 2, 2003.

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    At Best Buy and online (free shipping). $459 - 160 rebate = $299. Got one 2 weeks ago. Picture is excellent, no dead pixels on mine. 3 year warranty. When CompUSA had 'em on sale, they sold out in ONE day. Tarry not if you want one. :D :D
  2. I saw the ad for it as well in my local newspaper. It's tempting because I've been wanting a flat panel for some time now, but the price just seems too low.

    It sounds like you're really happy with yours though. It comes with a 3 year warranty, but what happens if KOGI goes under during those 3 years? I mean, I've never heard of this company. Just curious.
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    1. It's only 1/2 the price of others. Worth some risk?
    2. By the time you write if off (assuming you can) + get the rebate, you don't have much $$$ in it.
    3. If you're really worried about getting hosed on a warranty, you could buy "extended warranty" from Best Buy (perhaps as little as 1 year?). Then, if your product breaks down during the manufacturer's warranty period or the extended period, you can bring it back to a store and get a new one. I supposed if KOGi had gone away by then, Best Buy would replace it with an equivalent?
    4. If it still doesn't appeal to you, you can buy an EXCELLENT Samsung 172T for $659. The 172T might be the best 17" LCD on the market today. :D
  4. True, this "trade" has a favorable risk-to-reward ratio :D

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  6. thanks gnome.....you may/not remember. But from a previous discussion/thread we had.....there was a 17" Samsung that had some ridiculous rebate also, $150 or so......Bestbuy now has these listed @ $499.99 with a $100 rebate also.

    Not sure if $100 means much to people. I think comfort levels for some end users are better suited with a more familiar brand name. When something is that cheap it makes you look twice. My guess, is that Kogi just put out the latest model 17" WITH speakers listed at a firm $549.99. They probably have a ton of 17.1" for inventory and that is why we are seeing the price breaks. I am glad to hear that your screens are working out for you. Cheers.
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    Brand, Schmand. There was a time when I wouldn't touch a Samsung HD. Now, it's one of my fave's. Paying $700 for an off brand and a 1 yr warranty is a risk. This deal is almost a no-brainer. The worst that COULD happen here is almost nothing.
    And, Best Buy is easy to get along with on just about everything... they have to be. Too much competition. (In Denver, there's a Best Buy and CompUSA across the parking lot + Circuit City is 2 blocks away. All a dissatisfied customer has to do is walk across the street.)
  8. best buy had 171 samsung 17" for $399 right before christmas... i should have grabbed 'em, i thought they were coming down. i bought 2 kogi 17" and they look great, but i was trading on two 14: monitors (very retro as my son would say) so nything this sie of a black and white TV would look great. still waiting for rebate though.

    ive heard best buy is better on returns than CompUSA, which isnt saying much... in the future, id pay a few bucks more at best buy vs. CompUSA who years ago basically stiffed me on a sony vaio computer that never worked right.

  9. QQQ...not sure ifyou saw my post....Bestbuy has those 17" Samsungs right now asking $499 b4 a $100 rebate....total cost is $399.99

    Hands down the best store to return stuff to is Circuit City. They will not even ask why & NO Restocking fees whatsoever....I know Comp USA charges restocking for just about anything not totally sealed being returned.
  10. hey gnome....come to think of it...you have some valid points.....the $100 difference is a huge deal....if you were to buy three of these Kogi's...the fourth would be free.....and if in a few years something happened to one...who cares....you got your moneys worth......its better than some of these other high priced monitors that will run you close to a grand.......I think one of the biggest keys to any LCD screen & its pic quality is the video card that your machine is running in the first place. If your running singles, or doubles, or quads.....they must all be the same vendor with at least a juice level of 64MB each........Anyone running 128MB or the 900 series or the new Asylum stuff???? Please fill me in...................
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