Headlines That Say "recession Is Over" Collection

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  1. Ok, boys and girls. Feel free to contribute. I am posting as the days lead on to next earning season: how many times I read something that say's the RECESSION IS OVER. Feel free to post yours.
    Bloomberg 9-28-10

    "Shipments are being fueled by retail inventories that are close to record lows at the current sales pace, meaning stores must replenish shelves ahead of the biggest shopping period of the year. While the recession ended in June 2009 the loss of more than 8 million jobs has prompted retailers to discount merchandise to attract customers. :D
  2. Chevrolet, Buick, GMC And Cadillac Sept Sales Rise 22 % On Strong Retail Growth
    Last update: 10/1/2010 10:46:16 AM
    (MORE TO FOLLOW) Dow Jones Newswires (212-416-2400)
  3. Bernanke got a "double yoke" when he made eggs this morning.

    This is good sign.

    In other news, my dog had puppies.
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    ^that's nice. what kind of dog do you have? how many puppies were born?
  5. Apparently my dog thinks the recession is over.:eek:
  6. The headline should have read...

    Chevrolet, Buick, GMC And Cadillac, who would have been out of business, had they not bilked the taxpayer out of billions of their hard earned cash and would have been out of business had it not been for the public dole, had sales increase 22%...over the dismal postings of last year...which means that they still had bad years when compared to the heydays of 2005, 2006, etc....

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    I think that is a very true statement, there would have been no sales at gm if the damn taxpayer didn't bailout another worthless fucking company. I am sure thousands of fools are going to get in on this worthless companies ipo when it comes to market.
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    haha the recession ended in June 2009, now that is hilarious. I will always get a good laugh when it comes to this credit crisis, everyone thinks that it disappeared and that economic growth is coming at full speed.