Headlines preceding 1987 Crash

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  1. Stocks Set Still Another Record, Getting Boost From Dollar, Bonds
    Wall Street Journal, 9/26/97

    Brokers Begin Pushing Margin Loans- But Critics Say Borrowers Should Beware
    Wall Street Journal, 9/26/97

    Blue Chips Return Earlier Gains; Some Predict Start of a Correction
    Wall Street Journal, 9/27/97

    Stock Prices Fall for Second Day As Feeble Recovery Effort Fails
    Wall Street Journal, 9/28/97

    An Appraisal: Many See Stocks Ending Their Bond-Like Slump
    Wall Street Journal, 9/31/97

    Stocks Ease as Jittery Investors Worry Over Dollar, Bond Prices
    Wall Street Journal, 9/3/87

    Stocks Continue in Lower Trend As Some Institutions Take Profits
    Wall Street Journal, 9/4/87

    An Appraisal: Some Investors Fear Moves by Fed Could Hurt Stocks
    Wall Street Journal, 9/7/87

    Stocks Tumble After Early Gains; Interest Rate Fears Are Blamed
    Wall Street Journal, 9/22/87

    Stock Prices Soar in Heavy Trading; Industrials Rise Record 75.23 Points
    Wall Street Journal, 9/23/87

    Stocks Ease as Trading Pace Slows; Interest Rate Rise Prompts Selling
    Wall Street Journal, 9/30/87

    Stock Prices Decline as Sharp Rise in Short-Term Rates Spurs Selling
    Wall Street Journal, 10/9/87

    Stocks Plunge, Partly in Reaction To Sell Signals From Forecasters
    Wall Street Journal, 10/8/87

    Industrials Post a Record Drop; Trade Data, Interest Rates Cited
    Wall Street Journal, 10/15/87

    Stocks Plunge in Heavy Trading As Selling Intensifies Late in Day
    Wall Street Journal, 10/16/87

    Is the Party Almost Over?
    -U.S. News and World Report, 10/26/87

    What's Next? The Plunge in Stocks Has Experts Guessing About Market's Course
    Wall Street Journal, 10/19/87 (before the Crash)

    An Appraisal: Enormous Volume Could Be a Good Sign, Some Say
    Wall Street Journal, 10/19/87 (before the Crash)

    Stocks Plunge 508 Amid Panicky Selling
    Percentage Decline Is Far Steeper Than '29; Bond Prices Surge

    Wall Street Journal, 10/20/87

    A Repeat of '29?
    Depression in '87 Is Not Expected

    Wall Street Journal, 10/20/87

    Money Managers Trying to Form New Strategies After Market Rout
    Wall Street Journal, 10/20/87

    Chicago's 'Shadow Markets' Led Free Fall In a Plunge That Began Right at Opening
    Wall Street Journal, 10/20/87

    Money Managers Are Bewildered By Market's Overwhelming Slide
    Wall Street Journal, 10/20/87

    Bull Market Guru Predicts Further Dow Average Fall
    Wall Street Journal, 10/20/87

    The Market Debacle Rouses Worst Fears Of Little Investors
    Many Are Beginning to Talk In Terms of Doomsday; Big Investors Are Braver

    Wall Street Journal, 10/20/87

    The Crash of '87
    Barron's, 10/26/87

    How the Bull Crashed Into Reality
    Business Week, 11/2/87
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    they've programmed the computers so they halt the market if it gets out of control.

  3. vectors101

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    the guys who run this market won't let you cash in at their expense.

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    Oh yeah, and the Mets finished second.

    Sorry, I had to vent.
  5. You guys crack me up, the October crash is the exception not the rule.

    Needless to say, this is Elite Trader, not Elite Investors, wherever price goes you should be able to follow.