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    I’ve read many threads here state that one should really spend some time working for a large firm so I’ve decided to head to a large retail firm for a few years to basically absorb as much as I can. I'm a techie (compsci degree) and have been in the IT field for the past 10 years with less than 2 years of experience in finance sales/trading. My goal is to possibly one day leverage my background in IT and learn the business itself to really learn the in’s and out’s of algorithmic trading and to one day implement my own trading strategies and working models.

    I've recently been contacted for the following position at a large firm I make decent money now at least for my age low 6 figures. Given my background and hunger to learn more about the business what is the min-max for someone doing the listen functions below? Like I stated before ill be joining as an experienced technical hire with some business insight I have about 2 years of financial experience mostly what I picked up from books/internet etc. :)

    I don’t want to low ball my self, which is why I’m asking here. If anyone has ever worked in the following capacity and know what the salary figures are for a role like this I would really appreciate your feedback thanks.


    Seeking individuals with good experience in application systems integration/engineering for the Electronic Trading Systems group. The new revenue additive products.

    The business lines covered include cash and derivatives trading, proprietary algorithmic engines, client and exchange connectivity, order management, single name and portfolio trading, control systems, booking/book and records to name a few.

    Skills Required

    Unix/Linux Systems Administrator with strong Perl/Unix scripting and some application integration experience. Full description: Business analysis, project management and life cycle. Unix experience (Solaris/Linux). Strong
    user level, Unix administrators a plus. Client-server architecture and design. Performance and capacity analysis. Configuration management and versioning tools (rcs, cvs, perforce) Proficiency with ksh and Perl. Good
    trouble-shooting skills. Ability to work with accuracy in a fast paced
    environment. Good communication skills.

    Skills Desired

    XML structures and messaging FIX messaging. Pub-sub messaging system.
    Relational database (transact SQL, stored procedures, schema design).
    Financial knowledge, especially in equity products.