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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by AMW, Feb 15, 2007.

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    Does anyone know of a good headhunter in Chicago? I'm a former floor trader. PM me, thanks.
  2. Check your inbox.

    Michael Page is the absolute worst. Useless.

    One thing you need to know about recruiters, you are important to them if they can place you if they can't they don't care and you are discarded.

    Most recruiters don't understand what you do and will look at your resume for buzzwords and if they don't appear on your resume they will not respond.

    If you respond to a recruiters add follow up with them and if they dont' respond try and find the firm yourself, most likely you will be able to, and bypass the recruiter and then get the job and call the recruiter back and tell them you got hired and they missed out on a big fat fee because they don't know what they are doing.

    There are some very good recruiters out there but the vast majority of them aren't fit to pick up dog droppings.
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    Post your resume on Monster and Dice. You will get a million calls if your skills are in demand.

  4. I happen to own a medical recruiting business placing only physicians. I can tell you that in this business, we care about every one of our candidates because almost all physicians are placeable somewhere in the country.

    Regarding ads, you have to make them as vague as possible so that the candidate cannot find out who the company is. Once you have their cv and know what they are looking for, you can send it on to your clients. That way, if they do somehow figure out who the client is and get hired, you will get the fat fee because you sent the client their cv first. If the client does find out that the candidate tried to go behind the recruiter's back, they might not want them as a candidate, since they would think that he/she is not trustworthy.

    Also to add, ads are not the only way to find candidates. We place ads, our clients place ads, and we all end up getting no responses. So there are other ways you have to go about it to get candidates. That is why practices and hospitals are willing to sometimes pay as much as $30k per physician. They make it back quick though.
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    Very, very untrue! Saving 25% or more, the client(employer) will do whatever it takes. I was hired on simply because I said to HR rep on the final interview that they don't have to do this through the recruiting company. (I'm an evil genius) When I received the offer letter and the recruiter asked how things went, I simply told her I was no longer interested in the opportunity. I worked there for over 4 years and never once did I ever see her(recruiter) or even the HR rep who hired me. (muwhahahahah)

    This practice happens more than you wish to believe. Recruiter/Recruiting firms are a dime a doze, no wait make that a nickel a dozen, and large companies work with hundreds of recruiters, so pissing off a few to save a few hundy k a year is sometimes worth it.
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    As the employer who was hiring you, I would question your integrity. I am not even sure I believe your story.

    If they get sent a person as a result of their finding you, 90% of the employers that I know would have very little qualm about paying the fee - that is why they hired the HR in the first place.

  7. I would never want to recruit for corporations. We only do hospitals and practices. If a client did try to lie and say they didn't hire the physician, we would find out. If we suspect that they are lying, we can always call the practice and ask the receptionist for the doctor and pretend that we dialed the wrong number if they say that they don't have any doctor there by that name. We can always check the hospital website and see if the physician is affiliated with the hospital or just call the hospital main number. I never had a problem and find that physicians are very ethical and honest.

    If we did catch them in a lie to try to avoid the fee, as per our contract, we would send them a fee for a few thousand more than originally agreed upon, since the fee was late. If they don't pay, we have a signed contract, and can sue them. A lawsuit never happened yet, and I hope it never does.

    It is a very lucrative business. I earned close to $4 million last year with about 50 recruiters. They average 1 placement every other month working on a 50/50 fee split. There are tons of candidates out there. It is basically a numbers game. Each year, about 30,000 new residents/fellows in all specialties finish up. Plus you have tons of practicing candidates looking to switch practices or relocate. All I want is 1% of them to place through us.

  8. Matt Somebody (he's the CEO) of Brokerageconsultants.com

    I seem to remember that he got me an interview at Stafford