Headed for Tijuana

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  1. I'm headed there next week. Can anyone give me some tips?
  2. Bring condoms ...
  3. Next year I hope to drive to Belize.

    From what I've read so far, bring dinero for bribes ($20 a shot).
  4. Belize is supposed to be cool; we almost opened our office there.
  5. If you get into trouble go ahead and bribe the policia. Take extreme caution if they are the federalis though......most of them take bribes as an insult.
    Get out of TJ though and party down in Rosarito or Ensenada. They are both more fun and just a little farther south. That is if you have a car...if you are just walking over the border from San Diego.......just party. Haven't been down to TJ since HS, so I cant tell you what bars are still good. Papas and Beer is usually a safe call.
    Remeber.....TJ is not in the United States. Respect their laws.
  6. I'm really hoping there is reliable telephone/internet there, in case I like it and Hillary Clinton becomes president.
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    Yes when you walk down reveluccion (spelling?) have fun with the guys trying to talk you into their bars or restaurants or shops--some of them are pretty funny only a few are jerks. If you are young --you may like the clubs at night. Much of the crowed are students and some are in high school.

    If you like to buy knockoffs- ladys bags all sorts of watches bring a detailed picture of the item-- the chinese have gotten really good-- at knocking off high end watches. Then tell them you want the good ones that many have in the back and get a guarantee and a receipt. Rolex, omega, Tag, other major swiss ones etc. The range of quality is wide so be familiar with what you are looking to buy.

    If you plan to stay overnight you probably want to go down south a little- maybe ensenada. A good bar down that way was Papas and beer. It is probably still popular.

    P.S. I have been told when you come back the border guys have gotten more serious about bringing perscription drugs back in so ask questions before you do .

    Any other questions ask away. I am no expert but I do live in S.D. and I probably bring friends or family down twice a year.
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    good point, about it not being the US.. respect their laws (find out the dos / donts) ..

    interesting the differences, all the places around the world I've traveled.. you see many countries "dont do things the way we do here" .. easy to forget ..

  9. There is a compound for offshore businesses with an earth station; if you setup there it doesn't matter.
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    TJ is shady- bring some friends along and expect to be hassled by people trying to sell you shit EVERYwhere you go- some good strip clubs (with $10 dances :D :D ) there, cheap beer specials everywhere, dont drink the water, make sure you are never brought an open bottle (insist on one with the cap on) especially beer- i heard from a friend that a really drunk buddy of his was given a beer bottle full of piss from a mexican puto who thought it was funny..... watch for pickpockets and dont stumble down strange alleys- stick to the main streets
    papas and beer and safari are fun...lots of clubs there
    get out of there before dark unless you are traveling with a pack (i live in SD and if we go there there are at least 10 of us..big guys)...
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