Headache from too much time at the computer screen.

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    I keep getting a constant headache from spending long hours in front of the charts. I keep taking Advil to help but this is not sustainable. Any idea on how to combat this?

    I never had this issue when i was working in an office. Something must be wrong with my at home setup. I am sure I'm not the only one experiencing this.
  2. Is there any difference in how your monitor and desk was set up at your office compared to at home?
    What also tends to happen is that in an office you stand up every now and then and discuss something with a co-worker, or otherwise get "disconnected" from your computer screen. Do you have the same kind of distractions when at home?
    Taking Advil is indeed not a solution.
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    I get up plenty. I am now trying an app called f.lux which is supposed to adjust the screen colors based on room to ease eye strain.

    I dont think there is much of a difference between home and office back in the day. If anything my home screens are higher quality.

    I though it was stress related before but now I doubt it.
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    I spend hours day and night on computer screens.
    Luckily I don't get headache.
    I use eye drop during night trading.

    Seems like your home setup has problem.
    Hope it is not flickering problem. Flickering problem could be graphic card under powered or faulty.
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    Both screens are 1080p and 60hz refresh rate.

    Its gotta be something with the screens because when I am away from the computers or phones I feel fine.
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    seems rather low.
    what is your monitor size?
  7. _eug_


    one is a laptop 15.6 and the second a 24 inch monitor
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    resolution doesn't look great.
    Perhaps you should look at 1200x1920 resolution or better.
    Also make sure the graphic card can support it.
  9. Besides the hardware suggestions: it could also be that your eyes constantly have to focus and concentrate on one specific point, one specific distance in front of your face. That is also tiring and could lead to headache.
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    Many articles online about this topic but I would still recommend you see a "eye doctor" before seeing a "medical doctor".

    Most of the online articles that talks about this reference proper eye to monitor distance, proper posture to monitor, proper room lighting and many other things that people didn't realize were important for long term home office use.

    I myself had to have my home office renovated after problems with consistent headaches. I didn't know which was the specific cause but I had an occupational therapist specialized in home office environment make the design changes in my office and there were a lot of changes made.

    Chairs, desk, desk light, location of the desk, monitors were changed including changing my trading routine to incorporate my exercise routine during the trading day instead of before or after the trading day.

    It took about a month for the headaches to go away. Also, the eye doctor visit...normal eyes for a 50 year old and the medical doctor visit...they couldn't find anything even after MRIs and other types of scans. The latter was important because the headaches I had were so severe...I would need to stop (get away from the desk for about 15 mins) and it caused me to grimmace in pain.

    That was the reason why I went to see eye doctor and then medical doctor as recommended by my occupational therapist during the office renovation.

    Anyways, the headaches disappear about a month after the renovation of the home office in which I strongly believe was the issue because the eye doctor and medical doctor didn't find anything wrong with me.

    All of this happen between 2010 - 2012.

    By the way, your headaches could also be stress related or related to your nutrition habits. Regardless, if your eye doctor and your medical doctor can not find anything wrong...its your home office environment. You'll be surprise at how many people sit at a desk for +30mins or more without taking a 5min break to get up and move around.

    Many years of doing the above, they start having headaches and other health problems because that type of inactivity takes awhile to impact the health...the headaches are an early sign something is wrong and needs to change in your daily routine.

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