Head&Shoulders on the market???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by timvodas, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. timvodas


    Lemme hear it...is that the head n' shoulders I see on the market charts????

    China looks like the S&P5 during the 80s busting out to new levels everyday. The US is slopping and chopping and looking like it will spill over to break its neck.
  2. on the one year SP500 chart?

    hmm... when the market and the dollar go up together is good... when the market goes up and the dollar goes down, someone's messing with the markets, when they both go down... too many people figured it out... that's when things get ugly.
  3. timvodas


    Oh the mighty dollar. Its not so mighty no more.

    Oil going up up up meaning the price of everything will follow. The dollar keeps going down down. The dollar devaluing and the price of everything rising. Hmmmm. Not a pretty picture.
  4. no H&S

    not even close
  5. st trend of all first world markets except nikkei and Italy is up - not down.
  6. Hey timvodas of course you are right. 4 day head & shoulder pattern>> a move through 1530 would break the neckline and set off program trades. ~ stoney
  7. never trust the CHART, if there is no fundamental reasons backing up the setup, better follow the major trend!
    I just buy it since CHINA's econmony is booming, this will boost US economy...
  8. go long

    bullz n bearz