Head of ICE receives unanimous no-confidence vote

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  1. Head of ICE receives unanimous no-confidence vote from own agents…accused of de facto amnesty

    It has just come to light that on June 11, 2010, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council and their local chapter representatives, which represent 7,000 ICE agents working across the country, took a vote of no-confidence on ICE Director John Morton, resulting in a 259-0 total against the director.

    The union also drafted a letter citing examples of how Morton has failed the country, by misrepresenting the extent of the dangers posed by criminal aliens; turning detainment centers into resorts, where illegal aliens are allowed to roam free, and no longer subject to searches; and basically creating a de facto amnesty, in lieu of enforcement. The letter is entitled “VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE IN ICE DIRECTOR JOHN MORTON AND ODPP ASSISTANT DIRECTOR PHYLLIS COVEN .”

    Portions of the letter written by ICE Union President Chris Cane which allege outright lies by Morton and Coven follow:

    “While ICE reports internally that more than 90 percent of ICE detainees are first encountered in jails after they are arrested by local police for criminal charges, ICE senior leadership misrepresents this information publicly in order to portray ICE detainees as being non-criminal in nature to support the Administration's position on amnesty and relaxed security at ICE detention facilities.

    The majority of ICE ERO Officers are prohibited from making street arrests or enforcing United States immigration laws outside of the institutional (jail) setting. This has effectively created "amnesty through policy" for anyone illegally in the United States who has not been arrested by another agency for a criminal violation.”

    The next portion ridicules Obama’s new policies of softening the immigration detention centers:

    “ICE Detention Reforms have transformed into a detention system aimed at providing resort like living conditions to criminal aliens. Senior ICE leadership excluded ICE officers and field managers (the technical experts on ICE detention) from the development of these reforms, and instead solicited recommendations from special interest groups. The lack of technical expertise and field expertise has resulted in a priority of providing bingo nights, dance lessons and hanging plants to criminals, instead of addressing safe and responsible detention reforms for non-criminal individuals and families. Unlike any other agency in the nation, ICE officers will be prevented from searching detainees housed in ICE facilities allowing weapons, drugs and other contraband into detention centers putting detainees, ICE officers and contract guards at risk.”

    It is simply impossible for ICE agents to do their job under director Morton, and for that matter under Janet Napolitano and President Obama as well. The unprecedented action of an entire agency’s employees taking a vote of no-confidence against their own director, is the best example of how the Obama administration has shirked their duty to the American people, and the fraud being put forth, in place of immigration enforcement.

    Morton, if he has a shred of integrity…should resign.
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  3. Yep, usually can't trust anything the union rep says, but in this case we will make an exception.
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    Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.
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    Obama is adamantly opposed to enforcement of immigration law. He will never appoint an official who will enforce immigration law. His own aunt is an illegal immigrant. He is pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens, knowing that they will overwhelmingly vote for left wing Democrats. Remember that Obama's first Supreme Court judge, Sotomayor, is a member of the National Council of La Raza, a major advocate for illegal immigrants.
  6. The fact that you haven't heard about this speaks volumes about the extreme liberal bias of the lamestream media.