Head and Shoulders pattern

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    There is a stock I like on a value basis but the stock has formed a head and shoulders pattern.

    Its pretty much complete..........my question is what comes after a head and shoulders pattern? Is it safe to but the stock at the end?

    or is it still bearish to buy after the pattern is complete? should i wait for another sign before i buy?
  2. PM me and I will let you know
    tell me what stock

    Take Care,

    Joe Baker
  3. go to bigcharts.com and post the stock with rolling earnings per share, rolling dividend and short interest and see what that tells you.
  4. You need to get over 10.30 and hold then next stop is 10.80
    then 11.40
    However this does not look so good

    9.79 looks more like it and if 9.41 gets taken out
    you will break down good
    large M pattern forming be careful

    put stop at 9.68 if you are going long
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