Head and shoulders all indices?

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    All indicies appear to be forming a Head and Shoulders. Dow and S&P are already below 20 on Stochastics and thier H&S are downtrending. the Nasdaq H&S is uptrending and Stochastics are still up. In the last correction it fell the hardest. Last correction saw Stochastics as low at 10 or so. Will we see the same?

  2. TA does not work on indicies. There are some instances where it does, but usually not.
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    Lol, that's the stupidest thing I've ever read on ET. And believe me, I read some stupid things in here.
  4. Good one ST.

  5. TA combined with voodoo works like magic on indices. The most wicked results occur when using a down feather from a black swan.
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    Great thanks for your positive feedback......

    So do none of you look at indices before deciding to buy a stock?
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    Whats the outcome of a head and shoulders chart pattern supposed to be?
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    a significant move lower
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    I'm surprise of you stock_trad3r, and you have 6279 post.

    I work off indices 90% of the time when I make a stock trade.[that's me].

    I also trade indices. All of the above with TA !!!!! And that is it.

    You tell me, would you like to listen to a person story or have that
    person show you how the story real went.

    I was about 9 when I started, and I had a choice. Fundamental analysis or TA analysis, I think but not sure if it was one-second or two seconds I definitely went with TA, and I was only 9.

    Never look back.

    The proof is in the taste and not how they say it taste.

    trade well

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