He "madoff" like a bandit!

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  1. I gotta say...if i was 70 years old, stole 50 billion dollars and i was facing 20 years in prison knowing that i just gave away the last of that 200-300 million to family, I would run. Its only 10 million dollar bail my family lose out on (not much considering i just gave 200+ million to them) I run to an non-extridition country. Have my family send me 25 million or so when i get there, and i enjoy retirement. Beats spending retirement in prison and its a pretty good chance he is never getting out alive because of his age. I mean...what does he really have to lose? his only HOPE is that the judge is lenient and gives him like 2 years instead of 20 and paying that 5 million dollar fine would be no problem. But given the publicity, you know he's getting the max.
  2. Have you ever seen a 70 yr old run? It's not pretty.

  3. yeah, but hes got ferraris and lamborghinis at his disposal...might be hard to catch him as he drives off to his private jet and makes toward the mexican border.
  4. Have you ever seen a 70 yr old drive? The cops will catch him going 35mph on the highway (in his ferrari).

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    Non-extradition countries like N. Korea, russia, Iran, and Syria
    hope he has a good reitrement in one of those!
  6. Hehehe...

    He's been given bail on an 'admitted' $50 billion dollar fraud!!!

    roflmao...Only, only in Amerika.
  7. Why should he run? He's had a nice life, time for true confessions, a book deal, maybe a movie. He's a dirty rotten scoundrel, bad dog, go sit in the corner. The legal proces will take years. besides what are they going to take, his "stuff'?. Maybe it is useless and pointless to him at this stage of the game.
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    After skipping bail from NYC, I would chill out in the West for 3-4 months, in someone's logcabin growing beard and learning Spanish. Then I would go to Mexico and from there to whatever country I choose for living.

    From the list Vietnam or China. If it is good enough for Jim Rogers, it should be good enough for Madoff...

    What would you do?
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