He made more money than god

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  1. META had a $2 range but he claims he pulled $10.522 out of it intraday .
    PG same

    At the rate he claims winners , he makes at least 500k a day , but needs to host a youtube chan for dweeb
  2. My best day so far in history is about $150K. I would gladly do $500K once or twice a year.
  3. If you can do 150K in a day, or 5K, or $500 or $50....you can certainly do 500K. Trading is about the process, not the money.

    I mean assuming, you know what you're doing and understand your process....it's just a matter of growing. But if you don't, then you're just gambling.
    You definitely don't want to be, just, gambling. Gambling, guessing, praying, crossing your fingers, holding a Leprechaun doll will implode your account in a hurry, instant.
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  4. Correct, I know it's coming.
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  5. MKTrader


    4 of the 7 most recent threads created by the same diarrhea-poster. Congratulations...I guess. Yammering on ET all day is certainly easier than being a successful trader.
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  6. trading is boring, wait till jack figures out discord.
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  7. Boring , lol. Its only boring for old men clipping coupons
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    Since he doesn't actually trade, he'll spend a LOT of time there.
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  9. discord is for 12 years olds.

    et is for retired gentleman of limited means

    im out of place in both venues.
  10. what's most you ever lost?