He is the King of his kingdom.

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  1. What a palace! Do you want to have such a lexus private trading room back in 2000.



    Admire him.
  2. reg


    The guy looked like he needed to get out of his chair more and work out.
  3. Do you know what is the difference between this king and other traders? He has more boxes, but fewer monitors, and more options!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. white


  6. What you see above can be purchased exclusively at Target for $300...

  7. Can they? I estimate the monthly electricity bill for feeding these equipment will top $300, probably $3000 in California in 2001.

  8. Funny that someone would evaluate the quality and efficience of their equipment by how much wattage is sucked down.

    There are some 1960 Cadillacs with over 400 horsepower that get around 8 miles to the gallon that probably fit your idea of a "performance" vehicle by the same standards you apply to your antique computer hardware.

  9. Yes, antique. Starting this thread, NoMoreOptions stated it was around 2000, yes, three years ago.
  10. Nice pic!
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