He has some splainin to do...

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  1. "Comical Ali" captured 01:45, Jun 25 2003

    LONDON (Reuters) - The Daily Mirror says U.S. troops have arrested Iraq's information minister under Saddam Hussein, MohammedSaeed al-Sahaf, at a roadblocks in a Baghdad suburb.

    There was no immediate reaction from Washington on Wednesday.

    The ex-minister, dubbed "Comical Ali" for proclaiming the defeat of U.S. forces even as they moved into Baghdad, had been hiding out at arelative's house watching satellite TV, but was caught on Monday night, the paper said in a report from Baghdad.

    "He has some serious talking to do...this time," a "senior coalition source" was quoted as saying. There was no independent confirmation ofthe story and no other sourcing.

  2. No, they really didn't capture him. The truth is, he's got them all surrounded. :D
  3. June 24, 2003
    Iraqi Info Minister Denies He's Been Captured
    (2003-06-24) -- Muhammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, the former Iraqi Information Minister, denied reports in a British newspaper that he has been captured.

    "I am not wearing these handcuffs," said Mr. al-Sahhaf during a collect call to an unnamed Reuters reporter. "I have completely eluded capture, and have also committed suicide about two months ago. I triple guarantee that I am not in a secret location being guarded by heavily-armed soldiers who are telling me that I have to hang up the..."

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