He bought a Lambo just a few hours ago

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    Police say driver crashes new Lamborghini in La Jolla, flees scene
    Wreck occurred on La Jolla Village Drive
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    Posted: 03/19/2013
    Last Updated: 2 hours ago

    LA JOLLA, Calif. - Police in La Jolla said they are searching for a man and a woman who crashed a new black Lamborghini on Monday, hours after it was purchased.

    The San Diego Police Department said the incident occurred on La Jolla Village Drive near La Jolla Scenic Drive at around 11:45 p.m.

    Witnesses told officers that they saw the 2008 Murcielego racing down Interstate 5 before it flew off of the La Jolla Village Drive exit and crashed at high speed.

    10News has learned that a witness told dispatchers that a blonde woman and a man exited the vehicle after the crash and that the witness heard them say, "Let’s get out of here." Police said the pair fled the scene on foot.

    Michael Ohly, a sales manager at Jake’s Motor Cars in Sorrento Mesa, told 10News that those cars are capable of 200 miles per hour and can be difficult to keep on the road.

    "Very tough to control at that speed because these cars are all-wheel drive," said Ohly. "They grip, so if you turn a little bit, it's going to grab. So, a lot of times when these guys get into these cars, the fundamentals aren't there to drive such a high-powered car."

    Officers said they found paperwork from Lamborghini Newport Beach in Orange County still inside the car, indicating a purchase price of almost $250,000, and dated just hours prior to the crash.

    Police said they are staking out the address listed on the paperwork, and upon arrest, will charge the driver with hit-and-run.

    Officers said there is no indication that the car was stolen
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    One of the commentors on that site jokingly said that the guy probably had a few drinks at Japengos (a trendy restaurant in La Jolla) and fled to avoid the DUI. Back when I was a broker in 1990 I used to try to hustle business at Jepengos, I was surprised to hear it's still there.
  3. Is it a new Lambo or a 2008? I mean, crashing an '08 Lambo is one thing but a new one!! That takes the story to a whole 'nuther level...
  4. Bernanke Bets New Lambo Is Same as Old One..... it just needs more stimulus to revive it.:cool:
  5. Funny that he just walked off. What was he thinking?