HE bottomed Friday?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by nillionaire, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Given today's Mexico trade deal news, time for a trend reversal in lean hogs?
  2. Handle123


    Old saying is true, Buy low and sell way way higher and reverse, of course nothing is set in stone and will have to take many tries to find what is low and high, all part of life's game of patience.
  3. maxinger


    It seems more like ranging to me.

    Anyway, its day range is rather good for trading.
  4. maxinger


    Indeed it is good for trading.
    2 days ago, it was long blue candle.
    Yesterday it was long red candle.
  5. 14 straight gaps up. Talk about free money.
  6. maxinger


    as of now, Lean Hogs seems to be ranging from around 48.0 to 60.0
    Day range has been quite good at around 2.0 ie 4%
  7. Buy at 2:04pm everyday, sell at 9:30am everyday, profit.

    Buy the morning dip and sell later in the day, profit.

    The trend is unstoppable.