HDTV Posing as a High End Monitor?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by BCE, Nov 25, 2009.

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    With Black Friday almost here just wondering it it's possible to use an HDTV (plasma, LCD, backlit LCD) as a high end monitor also. I like the idea of a large screen, say in the 28" to 30" range or maybe even slightly larger. I do graphic work too. Does anyone know if such a product exists? The TVs and monitors that always seem to have the best pictures that I've seen are the Samsungs. This isn't just for trading but also for graphic work. Thanks.
  2. I tried that on a 3 yr old samsung lcd 52" screen - looked like hell.

    I could barely finish reading a sentence on it - it distorted the size of the PC screen to be something impossible to read...
  3. Even if the TV will display a computer output properly, you'd still want to view it from a normal TV viewing distance. Pixels are too large to view from a normal computer monitor distance.
  4. Glad I trade on a laptop.
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    Few HDTV's look good as a computer display, especially plasma and LCD screens. Bets bet would be a DLP based display.

    Whichever one though, do yourself a favor and bring a laptop with you so that you can hook it up to one in the store before buying it.
  6. Absolutely you can do this, people do it all the time.

    Keep in mind, though, that many 32" HDTVs will be 720p, which is 1/4 the resolution of a typical quality 30" monitor. You'll probably want to make all your text bigger, and sit further back.
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    I think what you should be asking is can you use an HDTV as a low-end monitor also because as already pointed out even an nice HDTV has a much lower resolution than say a 20" LCD monitor.

    Now the opposite is true, you can use a computer monitor as a high-end TV....
  8. My 17" Laptop display is HD and so is my TV. One is for fun, the other for money.
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    hold off on monitors until you can afford an LED backlit LCD. This thing of staring into a fluorescent light is just nuts.. The LED backlighting allows for perfect color registration and expands the color space by 20-30%.
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