HDTV as Monitor?

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  1. Thinking of trying an HDTV as a monitor for "across the room" viewing... and wondering.... with HDMI on the TV and HDMI port on video card, do they work together properly, sound and all? No separate connection for sound?

  2. How is sound getting to the HDMI on the GPU? I'm not saying it doesn't but I don't understand how it does. And now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure I've used HDMI from a laptop to watch a movie and the sound came across like normal. Just don't understand how that's working. This would mean the sound card (or onboard chip) would have to feed to the HDMI output on the GPU. Maybe (probably) the laptop has onboard video and onboard sound which would make more sense. Not sure about a tower with video card, sound card, etc.
  3. I've been surfing, looking for answers... not all that clear.

    One guy said he ran a video card w/HDMI to his TV and it all works great... no mention if he had to do anything with sound.

    HDMI carries both sound and video, so was hoping a video card with HDMI port took care of the sound, too.

    If you had to use "audio out" cord, is there such a jack on a TV to get to its speakers??
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    I plug my laptop to my daughters television using the hdmi ports sound and video are fine of course we only have watched you tube videos .
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    I have an audio jack next to the vga plug on the back of my tv.
  6. I think the best you will get is audio passthru from a S/PDIF connection (loopback thru a connection on the vid card if it supports it), or DVI-HDMI passthru with drivers and redirecting your Windows to use volume thru the HDMI interface.
  7. Yap HDMI carries the audio signals in addition to video. I think it is more than the basic 2 channel though not sure if it does 5.1 or something like that. For the basic stereo, no problem.

    It would work if your laptop has a HDMI output port (mine does). Or your PCIeX16 video card has a HDMI output port (not all do). If you do have that HDMI out, the video card driver should know to provide you an output channel for the HDMI to send audio.

    I plug in a long HDMI cable and watch some Netflix Instant movies on my 52-inch plasma screen via my A/V receiver. I didn't know if I have 5.1 effect because I tuned down the volume usually. Next time I will check. :) But the Netflix streaming may only do 2 channels over the Internet anyway. If you were to play a Bluray movie disc on your laptop, you may get 5.1 out to your A/V receiver.
  8. Thanks... I'm not that concerned about the audio quality. I'm just looking for sound should I want to watch a video clip and don't want to have a separate pair of speakers.

    None of my video cards have HDMI, but lots available today...
  9. Depends on your video card. Tech specs will usually tell you what audio (if any) and the sound quality, etc.

    most video cards don't have integrated audio.

    We run an NVIDIA FX1800 video card on our "Movie PC" that's hooked into a Samsung 42" TV. If I don't turn on the component speakers (Bose) the TV doesn't have sound - but that's as far as I've ever cared to look into it.
  10. I was hoping that if a video card has an HDMI port, it would be able to send the computer system sound through to the TV. Otherwise, what's the point of having HDMI out?

    The FX1800 has only DVI and DP ports, not HDMI... correct? Are you using the DVI port or an HDMI-DP adapter?
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