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    Where's the growth?
    Its a mature company. Multiple needs to contract. $125 puts at $1.10 look tasty. I think its going lower.
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    $1.45 now. 30% lmao
    Anytime Cramer pleads a case for a stock.... you can bet your ass its going down.
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    A multiple of 18, more realistic and in line with the S&P, will put this thing at about $112. Same store sales up 5.5%. Try topping that next Q. I don't see it happening. These aren't like Dollar Generals, they can't open one on every corner. There's no growth here. 2.33% Divy helps but I can get 5% at Ford, 2.7% at BMY.

    HD is going down. Inverse head and shoulders on a one year chart says buy at $110.
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    $2.25 now on those puts. Chalk up another Zandy.

    Out of RCL too for almost $1/share. Will re-short at $86.

    Next trade .... take "A" long. Agilent @ 45.44