HD WAR - Coming soon to your living room

Discussion in 'Economics' started by El Guapo, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Grab your popcorn, snacks and something to drink...

    The first ever High Definition WAR to be televised is coming soon to a living room near you.

    The networks are still having auditions, so the cast is undetermined. At this point, its still anyone guess as to who the Star of the show will be. Given that, its difficult to determine when the Season Premier will air.

    Executive producers indicate the show will be on the air 24hrs/day. So make sure to have plenty of space on the DVR, you won't want to miss a minute of this one.

    With special guest appearances from France, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Iran, and Israel.
  2. I don't watch TV, nothing lost. Anything I might need is online. The media doesn't report anymore, so I will settle for pics on the web.
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    hey there is only one GUAPO around here mo-fo.....:D
  4. The season premier will begin very soon.
  5. You going to come back in another 7 months and tell us it's just around the corner? :)
  6. Sounds Exciting... Loved The Shock & Awe Bombing Of Baghdad... Nothing Like Watching Innocent People Die To Make Your Day... Rumy is the Best... Can We Bring Him Back By Special Request Too... If Obamy Can Keep Gates Why Not Rumy...

    Will We Also Have Stats at the bottom of the screen like in the NFL games... How Many Killed, Injured, Dying, Left Homeless, Orphaned... that would be an excellant bonus...

    ah... the Age of War Crimes... Violations of The Geneva Conventions... The Voiding of Nuremberg Principles... The Shredding of the US Constitution.. nothing like it...
  7. just sayin'
  8. I guess you better man-up then.