HD up??

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    TLANTA, Nov 14 (Reuters) - Top home improvement retailer Home Depot Inc. (HD.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Tuesday said its per-share profit could decline 12 percent to 16 percent in the fourth quarter, as the U.S. housing market slowdown continues, and weakness is expected to continue in 2007.

    In home improvement, "I don't think we've seen the bottom yet," Home Depot Chairman Robert Nardelli told analysts during a conference call after finance chief Carol Tome gave the fourth-quarter forecast.

    "I don't see anything that suggests it's going to get significantly better in '07," Nardelli added.

    HD is up 4.5%%%
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    i just made this comment on another thread...this is madness. Trader vic said "be an investor at the begining of a bull run and a speculator near the end.".

    this is speculation territory...it is obvious that pure specualtion is driving this now. i find it dangerous to hold anything overnight on long or short...thi sis bizarre.
  3. we should have a 100 point sell-off sometime in the next 2 weeks!
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    I cant remember the last time the dow had a triple digit loss, if i had to guess i would say August..